Egeree Oromiyaa- EOs Podcast

Egeree Oromiyaa- EOs Podcast


Egeree Oromiyaa- EOs Podcast is a platform where we all discuss culture, identity, politics, and literature, and share our yesterday’s and today's experiences. We discuss the challenges we face in our lives, especially as first-generation refugees and Oromo youth in Sweden and any other hosting nations across Western countries. Some people have incredible untold stories and it would help those who share them and those who hear their stories. It's a place where people's voices are heard and the trauma we all went through when we left home to come to Europe in so many different ways. Role models, experienced people, and professionals are guests that the host would invite and let them share the life experiences they got from various experiences from their homelands to third countries; where they currently reside. Hopefully, their story will improve and give some input into the understanding of life in a new country and encourage newly arrived ones to live in their new homes and lead a good life. Besides, we make stories and documentaries about historical events and current situations in Ethiopia, especially in Oromia. It's a free space, and we maintain neutrality when it comes to expressing and hosting an individual opinion while monitoring the discussion's engagement. These are our core values. However, insulting others is never allowed, even if the right to freedom of expression is respected.https://miidiyaadhaddachaoromoo.comhttps://dhalootafincilaa.wordpress.com 

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Det första avsnittet av Egeree Oromiyaa- EOs Podcast som vi har släpptes 12 oktober 2020.

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Egeree Oromiyaa- EOs Podcast släpps och produceras av CHALA ABATE.